The Boutique campus store and online store will re-open for the Fall 2023 season on Thursday, October 5th.
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Boutique Rewards

Welcome to Boutique Rewards! When you shop with us, it's not just a simple transaction – it's a journey filled with rewards. As a Classic member, you earn 1 point for every dollar you spend, while our VIP members get to double the excitement with 2 points per dollar. 

What distinguishes us is that your points are forever yours; they never expire, ensuring your rewards are always within reach. Whether you shop online or visit our physical store, accumulating points is hassle-free. 

We genuinely appreciate your loyalty and are dedicated to enhancing your shopping experience to make it even more rewarding. 

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$1 spent       =                1 point                      2 points

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Earn More Rewards 

In addition to earning rewards for your purchases, you will also discover additional opportunities to accumulate extra points that can be credited to your Boutique Rewards account. 

Sign Up Reward 

When you sign up as a new member for the Boutique Rewards program, you automatically earn 50 points. 

Anniversary reward 

Every year, on the anniversary of your enrollment in the Boutique Rewards program, you will receive a bonus of 50 points. 

Become a VIP 

When you purchase $500 or more at the Boutique using your customer account, you will be automatically upgraded to the Boutique Rewards VIP program. As a VIP member, you will enjoy earning 2 points for every dollar you spend!  


You can join The Boutique Rewards program in three easy ways: 

1. Sign up without making a purchase: 

If you have made a prior purchase with Boutique and already have an account: 

       Go to Boutique's website and log in to your Boutique Account using your email address

        and Boutique password. 

     •  Once logged in, navigate to "My Account," then go to "Loyalty Rewards" to verify your

        phone number. 

     •  After completing these steps, you will be automatically enrolled in the loyalty program.

        From then on, you will receive SMS messages and email newsletters containing Boutique

        Rewards updates and exclusive offers. 

If you do not have an existing account: 

     •  Visit Boutique Rewards on The Boutique Home page. Or, click on this link.

     •  Proceed to "My Account/Register" to create a new account. Make sure to include your

        email and phone number to receive rewards emails and messages. 

2. Sign up when making a purchase: 

     •  You can also join the Boutique Rewards Program while making a purchase by creating an

        account during the checkout process. 

     •  Your Boutique Rewards account will be automatically set up once you create your

        account during the purchase. 

Note: Please be aware that you cannot activate a Boutique Rewards account when checking

           out as a Guest. 

3. Sign up in-person:  

     •  Visit The Boutique in-campus store, and upon making your purchase, our friendly Sales

        Associates will assist you in signing up for Boutique Rewards. They'll guide you through

        the process and set up your account in our system. 

     •  Once it's done, you can start enjoying the benefits right away.