Boutique Rewards

Welcome to The Boutique Rewards program. One dollar spent before tax will earn you one point. You can collect points throughout multiple seasons saving up until you have enough for a reward, or when you’re ready to redeem them. There is no expiry date on the points you earn.

$1 = 1 POINT
















Earn More Rewards!

In addition to earning rewards for purchase, you’ll  be able to earn extra rewards to add to your Boutique Rewards account.

Sign Up Reward

When you sign up for the Boutique Rewards program, you will automatically earn 50 points.

Anniversary Reward

Each year on the anniversary of the date you signed up for the Boutique Rewards program, you will earn 50 points.

Become a VIP

When you spend $500 at the Boutique using your customer account,  you will automatically be enrolled in the Boutique Rewards VIP program. You’ll earn 2 points for every dollar you spend!


Join The Boutique Rewards Program Today!


To join The Boutique Rewards program, you can sign-up three ways.


Sign up without making a purchase:

If you have made a previous purchase with the Boutique and signed up for an account:

Go to Boutique Login to your Boutique Account using your email address and Boutique password.

In My Account, go to Loyalty Rewards to verify your phone number.

You’ll then be added to the loyalty program and will receive SMS messages and email newsletters with Boutique Rewards updates and special offers.


If you do not have an account:

Go to Boutique Rewards on The Boutique Home page. To go My Account/ Register to set up an account. Be sure to include your email and phone number to receive rewards emails and messages.

Click here to go to the sign up page.


Sign up when making a purchase:

You can sign up for the Boutique Rewards Program when you make a purchase. You must Create an account.

Once you create your account your Boutique Rewards account will automatically be set up.


Note: You cannot activate a Boutique Rewards account when you check out as a Guest.