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From #OOTD to #AOTD

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  • By Alicen Gomes
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When the costs for clothing seem almost inaccessible, accessories can become an affordable, yet fashionable piece of joy. An accessory is not merely a supporting component of an outfit. They are a medium of making a statement. Be it playful or professional, accessories can elevate your look, alongside asserting your tone. 


Have you ever looked at your wardrobe and thought, “Boy, I could use some new clothes”. Guess what? You don’t necessarily need new clothes to achieve new looks. All you need are some accessories that will set a new statement for your good ol’ outfits. Switch your focus from your outfit of the day to your accessory of the day. 


Same accessories, different statement: 

Amp up your plain white top using a simple and chic gold ring and a cuff bracelet and add a harmonious and sophisticated tone to your casual outfit.  

Style the same jewellery to go from informal and chic to formal and sophisticated. Take your look to the next level and redefine ‘formal’ with a touch of bold and casual by folding up your sleeves and letting your delicate gold bracelets sway around your wrist.  

 Same clothes, different accessories: 

  • Style your basic whites with a chunky simple pendant or layered necklaces to switch up the mood with the same outfit.    


    Shapeshifting scarves: 


  • Fill your scarf-drawer with these professional shapeshifters, because they can add a unique character to almost every outfit. From fun and colourful to sophisticated and official, scarves have got your back to add that distinctive essence to your look.  


    Time to change your hashtag from #ootd to #aotd! 


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