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Behind the Scenes: How We Run the Boutique at Seneca

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  • By Sophia L.
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Welcome to our unique school Boutique! It's not just a shop; it's a special place where learning and fashion meet. Imagine a classroom where instead of just reading books, students get to run a real store. That's what we do here! Every part of our boutique, from choosing cool accessories to helping customers, is done by students learning real-world skills. And guess what? You can even shop online and pick up your finds right at our store! 


Meet Our Guiding Star: Professor Lorrisa Dilay  

Before we dive into the bustling world of our school boutique, let's shine a spotlight on the leader guiding us, Professor Lorrisa Dilay. She's an energetic teacher with a big heart for fashion and 20 years of teaching cool stuff like how to sell clothes and market them. Professor Dilay knows the fashion world inside out, with over 25 years of leading teams and achieving business success. She's super organized, great at planning, and knows how to make things happen on time. Plus, she's amazing at talking to people, building teams, and making everyone work together smoothly. She's the one who guides us, teaches us, and makes our school boutique a fun and exciting place to learn. 



Buying Team: 

First up, meet our Buying Team! These students have a super fun job. They look at what's fashionable right now and choose the best clothing and accessories for our Boutique. They're like fashion detectives, always on the lookout for cool new things that you'll love. 



Customer Experience Team: 

Next, say hi to our Customer Experience Team! They're all about making sure everyone who visits our campus store receives amazing customer service. They teach our team how to be the best at helping you, keep track of schedules, and make sure your shopping extra fun. 



eCommerce Team: 

Then, there’s our eCom Team. They make sure you can see all our awesome stuff online, write descriptions that make you want to buy everything, and handle orders so you can pick up your goodies at the store, or receive your package at your front door. It's like magic, but with computers! 



Marketing Communications Team: 

Don't forget about our Marketing Communications Team! They're the creative minds that tell you all about our cool events and deals. Whether it's through a fun post online or a cool sign in the store, they know how to catch your eye and get you excited about what's happening. 



Merchandising and Styling Team: 

Meet the Merchandising and Styling Team, too! They're the ones who make our store look amazing. They pick out outfits for our window, set up beautiful displays, and make sure everything in the store makes you go "Wow!" They're all about creating that perfect look.



Planning and Operations Team: 

Last but not least, we have our Planners. They're the behind-the-scenes heroes who make sure everything runs smoothly. From getting all our cool products into the store to making sure we know what's popular, they keep the wheels turning. 



Sales Associate role: 

How do we deliver all of this to our customers? That's where our Sales Associate Role comes into play. This means we're not just behind the scenes; we're also right there in the store, meeting customers like you. We believe in understanding what you love by talking and listening to you directly. It's all about making your visit special. Every one of us takes turns being a Sales Associate, which helps us learn more and make the store better for you. It's a big part of what we do, and we love it! 



Our school boutique is a special place where fashion and learning come together. Every student who works here is not just doing a job; we're learning important skills for the future, all while having a ton of fun. And when you shop with us, online or in-store, you're part of our learning journey, too.  


Why not see for yourself? Shop online and swing by to pick up your order, or just drop in to check out what's new. You'll get to see our learning in action and maybe even find your new favorite thing! 


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