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Fusion of Interior Design and Fashion

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  • By Yanwen
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Home decor has become both functional and fashionable. Let's take a look at this combination in these examples.


Source: Interior design trends

Your home decor reflects your unique style and personality. Experience home decor that appeals to your intelligence, creativity, and personality. Interior designs are becoming more and more adaptable to current fashions, and they will last while some of the older models make a comeback, and the timeless classics will stay strong. Because of this diversity, you can not only create a trendy home, but you can also stay stylish in the future. (Decorilla2021) 


Source: Interior design trends

The emphasis on nature and sustainability continues to grow from the interior trends of previous years. This explains why their aesthetics have become more refined and coveted. In addition, we see a subtle blend of vintage, natural and Zen elements in interior design trends. (Decorilla2021) 


Source: Interior design trends

A little bit of vintage is enough to decorate a home. Burnt orange, mossy green and other warm neutrals softly illuminate the interior of the future. Check out your local flea market for these colors and patterns or reupholster an old-fashioned sofa and you might be inspired in an unexpected way. (Decorilla2021) 


Source: Retro interior trends

While loving the vintage interior design trend, it is even more important to find a piece that suits you to pick the materials you need. Here are some quick tips that might keep you feeling vintage until the New Year arrives. 

  1. Visit your local antique stores, fairs and markets often. Persistence is the key to finding the right price for you.
  2. Look for lesser-known brands. Popular names tend to cost more and are more difficult to obtain.
  3. Learn about other options by researching the style or item you want. (Decorilla,2021) 


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