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Five Ways To Style A Scarf

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With cool weather fast approaching, it’s time to wrap yourself up in the perfect scarf. 


Scarves are an easy last-minute detail to add to your outfit to make you look more fashionable during the winter season. However, we tend to use them in one way only. So let’s get creative with our scarves to make an impact and brighten up our outfits.  


Here are five different ways to style a scarf to look fabulous and trendy!  


1. The Knot 

The classic knot scarf is very simple and adds style to your winter outfit for sure. To recreate this look, loop the scarf around your neck several times and then make the knot. 


The Knot Scarf 

Source: Retrieved from 


2. Wrapped Scarf 

This style is great for those chilly falls and winter days! The wrapped scarf gives you a warm and stylish look in three seconds! Simply toss one end of your scarf directly behind your back, and your look is complete.

 The Wrapped Scarf


Source: Retrieved from 


3. Neck Warmer 

One of the most classic scarf styles is the neck warmer. During the very cold winters in Canada, there is no doubt that you need a functional fashion accessory to add a touch of style to your daily look. 

 The Neck Warmer


Source: Retrieved from 


4. The Easy Toss 

Hang this scarf around your neck and toss the other end to the opposite shoulder for stylish outfit. Simple but fashionable. 

 The Easy Toss


Source: Retrieved from 


5. The Wrap (Blanket Scarf) 

Let the blanket scarf add sparkle to your basics! Use trendy patterns and plaids to add a pop of colour to your look. Simply wrap the scarf around your neck and shoulder for a simple, but chic look. 




Source: Retrieved from 



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